TurboZest for an Intelligent Business Transformation

Improve Decision Making

TurboZest empowers the users with predictive reports based on real-time business intelligence, analysis and data accuracy to make critical business decisions smarter and faster. The insightful data extracted is presented in patterns and not the past results to make the complex analysis easier for decision-making.

Monitor Corporate Health

TurboZest’s swift integrating feature helps users efficiently collaborate and align the coordination across different business functions. The insightful reports and analysis built on PAL system and R-Algorithms along with SAP HANA help them to closely monitor and analyze corporate finance with greater ease in just a few simple clicks.

Effective Key Performance Indicators

The flexible KPI parameters that can be altered anytime based on unique requirements of businesses make Turbozest’s analytic reports more dynamic.

Seamless Integration

TurboZest connects swiftly with both SAP and non-SAP systems minimizing implementation cost and saving time. It makes business functions much simpler, aligned & automated.

Access to SAP Digital Boardroom

With highly advanced interactive dashboards rendering real-time data across all the departments enables the leaders to foresee future scenarios. This not only helps them strategize their workflow accordingly but also simplifies boardroom discussions.

User-Friendly, Plug and Play

TurboZest is both desktop and mobile-friendly and is supported on both iOS and Android devices. Also, it seamlessly integrates with the existing data resources to instantly deliver the required reports.

Additional Features & Benefits of TurboZest

It includes 40 ready to use reports to chart out strategic business decisions instantly delivered via SAP Digital Boardroom, dashboards and alerts. Other Value-added features include:

Data Security & Ownership

No Additional Investment

Instant Report Analysis

Available Anytime, Anywhere

Simplified Business Operations