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The integration of Blockchain technology, Smart Contracts, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning makes procurement synchronized and agile. Reckochain is one such intelligent supplier collaboration platform that amplifies control, compliance, and efficiency to the procurement process. It manages every single aspect of procurement right from sourcing to finance.

With Reckochain, suppliers and buyers are bought together at one channel to work together. Once on-board with us, users have access to insightful real-time reports to help them make smarter & well- informed buying decisions. The combination of various technologies provides the user with a solution that puts them in control & improves efficiency.

Rekochain Architecture

SAP Business suite & ERPs
Other ERPs

Sync business process

Sync business process

Due Deligence & Evaluation
Monitoring & Price updates
RFQ, Bidding & Tender

Supplier Lifecycle

Spend Analysis
Saving Analysis
Spend Forcasting
Contract managment
Project Tracking
Delivery Tracking
Reconciliation of Invoices
Collaborative Supply chain Exe
Support direct indirect spend

Supplier Operations

External data sucess
Commodity Trading sources
Government sources
Logistics/3PL Sources
Financial Sources

Rekochain Network

Collaborative Features that You Can Count On!
  • Registration
  • Qualification
  • Evaluation
  • Comparison
  • Masters
  • Batch/Serial
  • Suppliers
  • Distributors
  • Partners
  • 3PL
  • Banks
  • RFQs
    • With Items
    • Without Items
    • Multiple Suppliers
  • Pre-Tender & Project
  • Approvals
  • Tender Process
  • Supplier/Contractor
  • Evaluation
  • PR to PO Approval Template
  • Budget/Price Update
  • Approvals
  • Quotation & Price Approvals
  • Contract Management
    • Fixed Price
    • Lump-sum
    • Quantity
    • Maintenance
    • Milestone
    • Retention Process
  • Ability to maintain
  • Flexible contract terms
  • Contract to PO process Project to Contract
  • Sub-contract Process Multiple Pos at One-shot Returns
  • Process
  • PO Planning based on Suppliers
  • Periodical Planning of Suppliers
  • Delivery Planning
  • Split Deliveries based on all Factors
  • Project Planning
  • Exception Handling Planning
  • Process
  • Inventory Forecast
  • Scheduled
    • Agreements
    • Terms Collaboration between Suppliers
  • Acceptance of Pos on confirmation by supplier
  • Deviation during Product Replacement, Delivery
  • Delivery assignment to 3PL (both Buyer and Supplier)
  • Continuous Tracking of Delivery and Live Dashboard
  • Delivery Status
  • GRN Acceptance by Gate and actual
  • Returns Confirmation
  • Invoice Generation both Internally and Externally
  • Adhoc/Debit Note/ Credit Note
  • Reconciliation of PO to Invoice
  • Payment made through External Systems can be Captured
  • Ability to Provide Insights on Various Savings
  • Electronic Invoice Generation for Suppliers Locking Systems
ERP Integration
  • APIs available at all levels
    • Masters
    • Project
    • Contract
    • RFQ
    • Quotation
    • PR
    • PO
    • Inventory
    • GRN
    • Invoice
    • Payments
  • Blockchain-enabled backend to support quick integration with any application

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